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    You don't need to write a single line of code. Just pick and connect the blocks and you are good to go

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    Buildel is open source. You can host it for free on your own and contribute to it

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    You can build different interfaces for the same workflow. Use chat, api, or any other interface

Supported providers

  • openai
  • mistral-ai-black
  • gemini
  • azure
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Over 20 blocks to fulfill your needs

api call tool

Tool used to call HTTP APIs.

audio input

A specialized block designed for capturing and streaming audio data.

audio output

It's designed to work seamlessly with other audio-related blocks in Buildel, ensuring smooth and flexible audio output capabilities in applications.


Large Language Model chat block enabling advanced conversational interactions powered by OpenAI's cutting-edge language models.

collect all text

This module specializes in accumulating and consolidating text input from streaming sources.

collect sentences

This module segmenting and extracting individual sentences from continuous text streams.

create block tool

Used to create block in workflow abc.

csv search

Used for SQL searching and retrieval of information from CSV files

document search

Used for efficient searching and retrieval of information from a collection of documents inside Buildel Knowledge Base.

document tool

It's a powerful tool for applications requiring quick and precise access to specific documents stored in Buildel's knowledge bases.

file input

A streamlined module designed for the efficient handling and transmission of file data.

file speech to text

This module expertly transcribes audio content into text, offering multiple output formats including plain text, JSON, and SRT.

hugging face chat

This module integrates advanced Hugging Face language models to provide dynamic and intelligent chat functionalities.


Use this block to compare the input to a condition and forward the input to the true or false output.

map inputs

Used to map the latest inputs and combine them based on a specified template.

map list

Used for mapping and transforming 1 input list into n outputs.

speech to text

This module is adept at transcribing audio data into text, offering outputs in both plain text and JSON formats.

split text

It's an essential utility for processing large texts, enabling efficient text handling and manipulation in Buildel applications.

text input

This module is crafted for the seamless intake and transmission of textual data.

text output

A versatile module designed to output text data.

text to speech

This module enables seamless conversion of textual data into audio format, leveraging the ElevenLabs API.


Used to emit a message after a specified time period.

webhook output

This module is adept at forwarding text data to specified webhook URLs, facilitating seamless external integrations.

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You can use EL to build sophisticated workflows that fulfill all your needs. No need to write code, just ask EL to do it for you.

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